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Advanced Transaction with Smart Security

Haibatti Vikram, A. Marikirthima


Over the past few years, the world has seen an explosion of new wireless device, such as cell phone, pagers, and personal digital assistant (pads), which enable user to browse web sites at any time from any location. Online services provide access to information, communication with the bank. Many banks are offering another form of the banking system known as interactive banking. This is generally refers to methods that allow their customers to conduct some of their bank business over the phone or with a PC. The project is aimed at developing an online Internet banking with high security. This project is developed in KANNADA language so the user of the online banking can also choose KANNADA language. The project is developed to meet the needs of millions of customers to be aware of the essential facts to help them by providing services. The system provides a user-friendly interface that Interacts with the Customers needs and provides the services to the customers. Online banking with smart security service gives user account information and capabilities from the mobile phone and to their mail at a true” anywhere, anytime, anyhow convenience. This system can be used to automate the workflow of Account Details and Online Transaction.



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