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An Approach to Review on Automatic Image Annotation: A Survey

Hemlata Sahu, Hitesh Gupta


This paper provides an introduction to Automatic image annotation and also will discuss the literature survey on various approaches for automatic annotation on digital images. Which gives overview of Automatic image annotation is used to extract meaningful information with meaningful keywords and to develop significant relationships among variables stored in large data set. Automatic image annotation is the process of assigning keywords to digital images depending on the content information. Automatically assigning keywords to images is of great interest as it allows one to index, retrieve, and understand large collections of image data. Many techniques have been proposed for image annotation in the last decade that gives reasonable performance on standard datasets. There are some researches on image annotation and produced very good knowledge theoretically or technically and lead to produce such promising surveys. However, most of these works fail for complex models and requires subsequent training. Summary and analysis of some of the approaches have been used as references to produce a framework in designing an automatic image annotation model.


Automatic Image Annotation, Annotation Approaches, Current Research, Image Retrieval and Image Search.

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