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Big Data: A Challenging Trend in Industrial Electronics

P. Rizwan Ahmed


This research paper deals with the greatest challenge and opportunity that confronts today’s world is the rise of Big Data in Electronics Industry. In the beginning of the Internet, even the world has ever known that everyone could connect to. But now everyone is visible to the world due to the rapid growth of electronic communication based on the Internet. Now a days, through Electronics and communication, the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects the Internet to everyday things and devices, is emerging as the wave in the development of Internet. Data can be acquired in Structured and unstructured pattern. Most of the databases based on the electronics system design, Sensors in Smart phones, human genome, the human brain, Internet commerce, or social networks that dwarf in size any databases. This paper reviews the applications of big data in Electronics Industry and explores the opportunities, challenges and benefits incorporating for various fields.


Big Data, IoT, Sensors, System Designs

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