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Auto Selection of Any Available Phase in 3 Phase Supply System

Sidhant Kumar, Vikash Kumar, Santosh Prasad, Vishnu Jain, Tuna Kumar, Ashok Kumar


Due to Power instability in many countries, the need for automatic selection of phase has arised. Most industrial and commercial applications are dependent on power supply and if the process of change is manual, it will lead to a lot of incorrect observation and can also damage the load equipments. So the device or machine may get damaged from human error during the change of phases. Ours is a digital phase selector that can be installed in residential and office premises where single-phase equipments are used. When any of the mains phase lines fails, it automatically selects the available phase line out of three phases lines or backup lines.



Transformer, Voltage Regulator, Filter, Relay, Relay River, Optoisolator, Icgates, Inverter, Resistor, Capacitor.

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