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ARM based Electronic Governor

Kirti Sutar, Supriya Rajankar


Engine speed controller of the conventional diesel
engine is called a Governor. In order to control speed, the governor
controls amount of fuel using fuel rack. Because a mechanical
governor has a good speed control performance and is relatively
inexpensive, it is used most popularly. But these are limited to one
type of speed controller and causes wear and tear. These are not used
for variable speed controlling action. To avoid this we have presented
an improved electronic governor for diesel engine using
high-performance ARM CPU. This is low cost compact electronic
governor compared other analog governors. It also controls the
parameters of the engine. This reduces the space required for control
This paper presents an improved electronic governor for diesel
engine using high-performance ARM CPU. It also describes the
hardware architecture and software design approach with details.
The proposed model described in this project is cost effective,
compact which will reduces the requirement of the space. It replaces
two different models, Speed Governor and Control Panel.


ARM, Governor, Speed, Diesel, Low Cost Governor

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