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An IOT Cloud based Wearable Heart Beat and ECG Observation System that Managing the Traffic for an Ambulance

D. Revathi, S. Jayanthi


The Heart Diseases cause immeasurable death worldwide as a result of the rise within the aging population and also the rising of attention prices. This wearable is used to monitor the patient heartbeat rate and ECG. By using the rate identify the patient condition. These sensing rate are directly send to the doctors or to the concern relative. If patient attain a critical situation this wearable send alert message to the nearest ambulance doctor and their relatives. By using this wearable avoid death rate. There's additionally a requirement of quality attention from remote locations. Technological advancements within the field of medical physics and communication will facilitate decreasing the price of attention. The purposed system is inspired from the existing systems like heart monitoring and alert system with four computing and managing the traffic for an ambulance in India and ECG monitoring system.  This combined monitoring and alert system and ECG monitoring system save the patient life.


Arduino, CVD Cardio Vascular Disease, Heartbeat, IOT, Wearable.

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