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Assessment on the Implementation of the Reformation Program and Services of Jail Management and Penology in Southern Palawan and its Impact to the Detainees

Geneva O. Dumdumaya, Baby Jane Ngujo-Bundac, Gerlie J. Boni, Jenny P. Sangalang


Using descriptive research design, the study sought to assess the implementation of the reformation program and services of jail management and penology in Southern Palawan and determine its impact to the detainees. It employed the researchers-made questionnaire to determine the respondents’ perceived level of implementation of the reformation program and services, and the Key Informant Interview to determine the impact of the implementation on the respondents. Data were tabulated, analyzed and interpreted using the mean and standard deviation.

The respondents perceived that Sports Programs and Livelihood Programs are highly implemented, based on the equal means of 2.68. Furthermore, they perceived that Health Programs, Moral and Spiritual Programs, and Therapeutic Community Programs are moderately implemented, based on the respective means of 2.68, 3.24, and 2.68. However, they perceived the Education Program to only be slightly implemented as observed in the mean of 2.25.

Moreover, all the Reformation Programs and Services offered by the Bureau yielded an overall positive impact on the respondents.  Specifically, Sports and Therapeutic Modality Programs they considered with greater effect  to the lives of the detainees. Hence, the Reformation Programs and Services implementation is truly beneficial to and well-appreciated by the respondents.


Assessments, Detainees, Jail Management and Penology, Implementation, Reformation Program

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